Finding out what LaunchPad version you are working with is quick and easy.

  1. Select the page editor for the page you wish to find out the version.
  2. in the page editor select "Settings"
  3. scroll to the very bottom and you will see the LaunchPad version for the current page.

Do I need to Upgrade?

The simple answer is no,

Upgrading is generally not needed for existing published pages. unless a bug is found and resolution requires an upgrade, the Motivation team will provide further directions.

For self managed sites with a LaunchPad Maintain subscription.

You are creating new pages, managing and editing published pages.

Motivation manages upgrades for you in 3 ways:

  1. New feature is added, The motivation Team will provide the update for you, when needed.
  2. Transparent updates, certain updates can be deployed from our own services fully transparent, in real time and without interruption to your service. In these cases we will perform the upgrade on our services and deploy the new code, as above this will be fully transparent and without interruption.
  3. Bug reporting/fixing, sometimes our team or even you may find something that is not working as expected. You can let us know or report a bug and we will investigate further to determine the best method to update and upgrade. which will be of one of the above methods.

For LaunchPad managed Sites.

Our team manages all works for you.

One of the many benefits for our managed services. Updates and upgrades are fully managed for you as well, sit back and enjoy being the first to receive all our updates, upgrades and the latest features :)

LaunchPad LITE & LaunchPad Upgrade users

Currently we do not have any plans to add further features to LaunchPad LITE or LaunchPad Upgrades themes.

Full support, bug finding, fixing and resolution still remains. If you find something not working as expected, please reach out to let us know so we can investigate and resolve for you.

You will currently have the latest versions of LITE & Upgrade, if you receive an updated theme with a bug fix, this will be the latest version available.

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